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 . . which will reveal a buried treasure. After Jasmine is imprisoned for treason by the evil Jafar, Aladdin and his father escape, fleeing the palace and hiding in a caravan. During their travels, they meet the Princess of Agrabah, Princess Shahrazad, and Aladdin defeats Jafar and frees her. They arrive in the Arabian city of Agrabah, and Aladdin meets with the Sultan's Vizier, who grants him the title of Vizier, and he also confirms him as the Sultan's future successor. He promises Aladdin the opportunity to search for the lamp's location, and then brings Jasmine to the city, where she is reunited with Aladdin. Although Aladdin is still a young man, the Sultan orders him to marry Shahrazad. He is excited at the idea of marrying the princess and being accepted as a Sultan. Aladdin is upset by the marriage, but his father tells him it is his duty to marry Shahrazad. After some hesitation, Aladdin accepts. Meanwhile, Jafar has already begun his search for the lamp. He finds it and plans to destroy Agrabah's magic with the help of the powerful sorcerer Shahriman. Jafar seeks help from a powerful Djinn, who agrees to help him in return for a human sacrifice. Aladdin and Jafar battle in Agrabah's marketplace, which is occupied by a thousand Djinn. When the sun sets, a Djinn throws a fireball at Aladdin, injuring him. Aladdin is captured and sent to the Djinn's palace. There, he is led to a platform where a thousand young children are waiting to be sacrificed. Aladdin is given hope when he overhears a child he knows. He rescues the child, and Shahrazad is able to rescue him. Aladdin and Shahrazad escape, and the Sultan banishes Jafar and Shahriman. Aladdin marries Shahrazad, and they rule over Agrabah as husband and wife. Aladdin is happy. At night, however, Shahrazad becomes concerned when her new son, Abdullah, takes long walks by himself. Aladdin runs after him, thinking he has fallen in a well, but finds only a magic slipper. Aladdin, Shahrazad, and Abdullah return to the palace to celebrate their wedding. Aladdin falls asleep and wakes to




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HD Online Player (aladdin 1992 Full Movie In Hindi Fre) iolaseay

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