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Association un jour dans la vie tribes c





Association Un jour dan la vie tribes Ch

Is there nothing more noble than helping to spread happiness by sharing the abundance of infinity with those in need?

To concretely support the actions of the Association "Un jour dans la vie child tribes"   whose mission is to promote the advancement of education as well as the development of the children of the tribes of northern Thailand. Thanks to your donations, our volunteers can better help thousands of children every day in a concrete way. In this way, you help families, children and young people, adults and elders of all classes of society, of all races to free themselves from poverty and to flourish.

Association Un jour dan la vie tribes Ch

Why choose A Day in the Life Tribes Child

Every donation made to the Tribes Child Day in the Life Association is important; it becomes a powerful lever to realize the aspirations towards the happiness of the children

to grow up in better conditions.

Individuals, companies, associations, schools,

there are many ways to act

Colis alimentaire Association un jour da


Sponsorship is long-term support that allows your godson to study peacefully. Thanks to you, he takes his way to school every morning and no longer works in the rice fields or in the street.
Sponsorship also makes it possible to concretely improve one's life and that of one's family.
A sponsored child is educated, fed and dressed.

In order to best adapt to each situation encountered in the field, Un jour dans la vie Tribes Child offers 3 types of sponsorship.

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You individually support a child of school, college or high school age.

You individually support a child so that he can have access to correct nutrition and hygiene.

Your support is both material and moral, through an exchange of letters.

Association un jour dans la vie tribes c


You support an educational structure (home and school centres, group of children, school
kindergarten…). Year after year, you see the structure evolving and developing.


You support a young person individually in their higher education.
After their baccalaureate, this is the last boost that will allow him to finish his studies and obtain a diploma. Support them on that home stretch, with an exchange of letters and material support.


You individually accompany a grandfather. The elderly are very often isolated and for the most part no longer have a family to meet their needs. We are supporting them in this last straight line by providing them with material, food and health aid.

Their homes are very often dilapidated and precarious (without water, electricity or sanitation) with more than rudimentary equipment.

FINANCIAL SPONSORSHIP / SPONSORSHIP Support our initiatives on an occasional or long-term basis by making a donation for the benefit of our Association Un jour dans la vie Tribes Child or a particular project that particularly motivates / touches you. We will provide you with regular monitoring of our actions and the use of your donations.


During your trip to Thailand, bring school supplies or clothing with you to donate to our association. We will distribute them to the villages where they are needed most.

Make a donation during your trip to Thailand, find out more ...

MAKE A STRONG ACTION: a bequest or a donation: Giving now and for a long time, the testamentary bequest or donation constitutes a decisive gesture and an exceptional way of supporting our association Un jour dans la vie Tribes Child over time, and you make sure that the solidarity which animates you is and will be perpetuated. There are many ways to plan a donation to our association in your will. In all cases, you must name the Tribes Child Day in the Life Association as your heir. Your donation can take different forms.

You can bequeath:

  • a specific amount of money

  • a percentage of your estate or its residue

  • the entire or partial proceeds of a life insurance policy

  • your RRSP or RRIF

  • the bequest allows you, by will, to transmit all or part of your assets, while keeping the enjoyment of them during your lifetime

  • The donation consists in irrevocably giving, during your lifetime, a good without consideration. The donation is immediate and must be made by notarial deed.


The Real Estate Fortune Tax (IFI) can be converted into a donation. You then benefit from a tax deduction of 75%. Discover the evolutions and the tips to make your IFI united by supporting Baan Tribes Child in Chiang Rai.

IFI donations are very important in the work of A Day in the Life Tribes Child, they support the baan Tribes Child project, which will initially allow 200 children and young people to live and study in a healthy environment.

When you donate your IFI, you can then benefit from a tax deduction of 75% up to the maximum limit of € 50,000 (ie a donation of € 66,667).


In addition to the sponsorship program offered by Tribes Child Life, there are other ways to help and participate in improving the lives of tribal children.
With a simple donation, you allow the association to fund student scholarships, health and nutrition programs and activities.

Contribute to the construction or rehabilitation of habitat in the tribes.


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It is a free and supportive search engine (like Google!)
Operation is simple: 1 search = 1 drop of water
You can then donate your water drops to a project!
The download is done in 2 minutes from your current search engine.

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It's a website that allows you to make donations quickly, easily, with confidence and for free, just by viewing an advertisement.

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The principle is simple:
Step 1: I click on the project
Step 2: I watch the advertisement
Step 3: I validate my donation!


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FAMILY EVENTS A birthday, a wedding, a birth… at each event you will receive gifts! Do you already have everything you need? So invite your loved ones to participate in your solidarity fund!

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Your dinners with friends follow one another and all look the same? Innovate and transform your dinner aperitifs into Donation Apéro!


Create your fundraising page. Share this page with your favorite colleagues. Solidarity fundraising site: -

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In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

FACEBOOK On Facebook, find the latest information from the field, the main events, photos, testimonials… Come and grow our community and share our latest news.

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INSTAGRAM On Instagram, let yourself be surprised every day by our photos, videos from the field, stories… Discover the joy of our godchildren, their challenges, their dreams…

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LINKEDIN Companies that are committed, employees who testify, partners who are present every day by our side, discover them on our Linkedin page and share all their good ideas.

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Since 2019 we have set up participatory trips with our sponsor Thailand Evasion agency . You can come and help us in a Thai village of the Akha, Hmong, Lisu, Karen, Lahu tribes ... for a period of 1 to 3 weeks or more ...



Come and participate in Team Building or in a works council or with your class in the construction of one of our projects (sanitary, rehabilitation or construction of classrooms, ...) for a period of your choice (from 1 to 3 weeks)

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Organize with your employees a fundraising event, sports or cultural events for the benefit of our Association.


Promote the Association to your network, relay our initiatives and make us known to your contacts.

Association Un jour dan la vie tribes Ch


Donate now, directly online through HelloAsso by clicking on the button below. HelloAsso accepts all credit cards while ensuring the confidentiality and security of your transaction.




CHECK: Send a check payable to "Association Un Jour dans la vie" to the following address:

118/130 Avenue Jean Jaurès

97171 Paris cedex 19

The importance of equity, as opposed to external funds, acquired from donors or corporate foundations, for example, guarantees Un jour dans la vie Tribes Child its independence and financial soundness.

It is these long-term commitments that allow us to plan our actions, develop our programs and therefore be more effective. We ask as a priority to give us by direct debit or direct transfer when possible, in order to simplify our management and reduce our costs.

Tax reduction:

66% of the annual amounts donated to A Day in the Life Tribes Child can be deducted from your taxes.
For example, if you give 15 euros per month, that is 180 euros per year, it actually costs you only 62 euros.
A Day in the Life Tribes Child is empowered to issue a tax receipt. It is sent to our donors in the first quarter following the year of their contribution.

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