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Why Choose a Day in the Life Child Tribes?

Is there nothing more noble than helping to spread happiness by sharing the abundance of infinity with those in need?

To concretely support the actions of the Association "Un jour dans la tribes child" which has for mission to promote
the advancement of education as well as the development of the children of the tribes of northern Thailand. Thanks to your donations, our volunteers can better help thousands of children every day in a concrete way. In this way, you help families, children and young people, adults and elders of all classes of society, of all races to free themselves from poverty and to flourish.

A Day in the Life Tribes Child , allows underprivileged children in Thailand to build a better future and to escape poverty sustainably, thanks to education.

Our support is comprehensive, personalized and long-term, to allow children to go to school to find a stable job and escape poverty. Our approach allows us to consider the needs of the child as a whole while adapting to each individual's history and to give him the keys (schooling, food aid, emotional and medical support) to build a better future.

Our association is on a human scale: we are a small team, which relies on volunteers, and it is important to us to work as closely as possible to the communities that we support. This is why we have two offices one on the island of Ko Samui and one office in Chiang Rai.

We collaborate with local partners: even though we directly manage our programs, Un jour dans la vie Tribes Child relies on local partners and works in close collaboration with the local authorities in each region to better understand local needs and make them sustainable. field actions.

How do I get involved in a Tribes Child day in life?

We are regularly looking for volunteers for one-off missions : translation of documents into English, enveloping, etc.

Concerning the field missions in Thailand A day in the life Tribes Child is looking for jungles volunteers for missions ranging from 1 month to 1 year in the different regions of intervention on a regular basis and voluntary missions as needed.

Why help children in Thailand?

Despite very positive results in terms of development, tourism and growth, Thailand still has to take up major challenges (access to education for all, health system accessible to all, access to employment, etc.) in contexts where strong inequalities between rich and poor, rural and urban areas remain.

Without the support of A Day in the Life Tribes Child, the children would not be able to attend school and benefit from our support. It would be impossible for them to receive long-term schooling, to be trained and to find stable work.

Why sponsor?

Sponsorship, a gesture of lasting solidarity, makes it possible to partially cover the primary needs and schooling of the children we support, while respecting their culture. The regularity of donations ensures continuity in the support provided to disadvantaged children and young people.

Who are the children we support?

They are children from very poor families, living in the hill tribes of northern Thailand or in disadvantaged regions and who are in an extremely precarious situation. They live either with their families or in centers managed by local partners and are mostly educated in public schools. The teams on site identify the children in greatest need.

How long does a sponsorship last?

A day in the life Tribes Child wishes to act in the long term. The sponsorship provides material support, but also moral support to the child, through the exchange of letters and support over time. Your sponsorship lasts as long as your sponsored child goes to school and the family's economic situation warrants it.

We understand that certain situations may require you to discontinue your sponsorship. In this case we ask you to let us know early enough so that we have time to find a godfather or a godmother for your godchild.

If you want one-off help rather than a commitment, choose to donate instead

Is it possible to offer a sponsorship to a child who is too small to write, or if he does not speak English?

Of course ! First of all, it is possible to write in French. The letters are then translated, and while you have to be patient, it makes it easy to correspond. In addition, most of the children of the tribes do not speak English, but the dialect of their tribes.

If the sponsor is too young to write, he can first send drawings or photos, which his parents can eventually add with a note. But the desire to send and get news will surely motivate him to learn to write as quickly as possible!

Can I choose the age of my godson? Can I choose a boy, a girl?

Here again ! You can make a sponsorship request about the region of your godson, his age, girl or boy… we do our best to respond; and if this is not possible: we will contact you!
You have no particular wishes then we choose a godchild in a priority region or village or whose situation is particularly difficult, trying to find a godchild of the same age group as the recipient of your gift.

What will I receive from my sponsorship?

We will send a sponsorship file to the address you provide. This file includes a lot of information on the life of sponsorship and on A Day in the Life Tribes Child.

It also includes a “gift bag”, which contains the godson's photo, a description of his family and his situation, a local gift, as well as a small “sponsorship guide”.

Letters for godchildren should be addressed to the Association, here no postman in the tribes!

Can I send a gift to my godson?

When you wish you can send a gift to your godchild or for a special occasion, his birthday, Christmas, you can thus show him in an exceptional way an additional gift. Your donation will be sent to him in full at the same time as his sponsorship.

You can also send small items: Clothes, Shoes, games / toys, stickers, pens, coloring for the little ones, etc.

You can also send us an email, to find out what your referral needs.


Is it possible to go visit my godson?

Of course ! If you have the chance to come to Thailand, do not miss this wonderful meeting!

We can organize your trip in collaboration with our sponsors Thailand Evasion agency

It's a great way to see the impact of your sponsorship, and get to know your godson better. For your godson, this is an unexpected opportunity to understand who his godfather is, and to understand the importance he has in your eyes!

We reserve you wonderful moments with your godson, an immersion in the heart of the local culture!

How are sponsored children chosen?

Children supported by Day in the Life Child tribes are spotted by our local volunteers. Living locally, locally involved, they know families in difficulty and their needs. In pairs with our "jungle" volunteers, young French people on a mission for 1 month to 1 year, they select the children to sponsor. For this, they look at 2 criteria in priority:

-help the poorest children, in order to provide them with basic necessities (food and hygiene)

-help the children (and their families) most motivated by school. The purpose of sponsorship is not to give money to fill a financial gap, but to allow the child to go to school and to study, to allow him to find a job that is suitable for him. will allow them to meet these needs and those of their family.


Is my godson sponsored by others?

No, each child has only one sponsor. Your sponsorship is enough to pay the tuition and ancillary costs of your godson. Only one child per family is sponsored to allow as many families as possible to be supported.


Can my godson come to Europe or to my country?

No, A Day in the Life Tribes Child does not have this calling. Like us, you want the best for your referral. The purpose of sponsorship is precisely to educate children in their own country. Nothing is better for the balance of a child than to be educated and raised within its own family, its roots and its culture.

It can be considered for students wishing to study outside their country of origin.


What happens when my godson continues his studies at university?

We encourage our godchildren to go as far as possible in their studies. Obtaining the baccalaureate and completing higher education is often reserved for the elite in Thailand. It is therefore a great success if your godchild reaches this point!

Depending on the course chosen, the tuition fees may increase (living costs, registrations, boarding ...) Un jour dans al vie Tribes Child sometimes asks the sponsors if they can increase the amount of their sponsorship, by 20 € at 45 € per month, to best support their godchild in his studies.

How does sponsorship improve the life of my godchild?

The sponsorship money is used in a different way depending on the place of residence of the godson, to best meet the needs of the field. It is used above all for the education of your godson: purchase of uniforms, books and school equipment, payment of transport and additional lessons.

But depending on the family's situation, your sponsorship will also be used to pay for basic hygiene products, or bags of rice.

This compensates for the fact that their child is no longer working.

The objective of sponsorship is to allow your godson to follow an education to have a reliable job and a decent salary. He can then help his whole family.

How can I be sure my money is being used well?

In Thailand, our local volunteer managers ensure the proper use of funds, and check that your godson continues his education.

The “jungles”, French volunteers on a mission for 1 month to 1 year, are the eyes and ears of the association. They supervise the actions of our local managers and check their accounts.

Every month during the distribution of packages, you receive one or more photos of your referrals receiving their monthly package, the photos are also visible on our various social networks.

Each godfather, godmother receives at the beginning of the year a personalized bulletin of the actions carried out for his godson and the details of the actions carried out during the year by Un jour dans la vie Tribes Child.

See for yourselves!
Come visit us at our headquarters in Thailand, and meet your godson!

When to stop sponsoring my godchild?

Your sponsorship lasts as long as your sponsored child is in school. The duration of a sponsorship is unequal depending on the age at which your godson is entrusted to you, the financial means of his parents, his abilities, the distance from schools ...

When your godchild leaves school, we will inform you and suggest that you support another child waiting for a sponsor. Whatever the length of your sponsorship, know that the years of schooling he earns thanks to you will be very precious to him in taking his future in hand.

If you need to stop your sponsorship for any reason, just let us know. We will look for another sponsor as soon as possible. To allow your godson to continue his education despite this stoppage, Un jour dans la vie tribes Child will cover his tuition fees while it finds another sponsor.

How is the correspondence with my godchild going?

The exchange of letters allows you to create a lasting relationship with your godchild. Your godson will probably only have one person from whom he will receive letters: you. This mail helps him understand who you are, and gives him confidence. Our local managers and volunteers constantly remind us of the great importance that a godson has for receiving mail from his godfather!

Not all children like to write, and like any relationship, this one takes time. But it is also the strength of sponsorship. Little by little, over time, your godson's letters will reflect his development, his openness, his maturity.

All letters are translated by local volunteers. You can therefore correspond in French or in English. This translation also explains the rather long delay between each letter. Far from the era of instantaneity, sponsorship is a good school of patience, and each letter takes an average of two months to arrive, sometimes more when your godchild lives in a very isolated region.

You can involve your children or grandchildren in writing letters, sending photos or just a postcard. Whatever the size of the letter, be sure that it will make your godson happy and proud!

Of course, you can exchange with us at any time:

Is it possible to send an email to my referral?

Most of our referrals have no internet access, so it is not possible to correspond by e-mail. There is also the question of translation. However, if you wish to send an email, you can do so on our email: Without forgetting to specify the name and first name of your godson.

A Day in the Life Tribes Child has partnered with the Simplycards app . Via this application, you can register the address of your godson, then send him a photo and a small text. The app takes care of printing your photo on a postcard, attaching the text to it and sending it all directly to your godchild!

This is how you can send a postcard to your godson as quickly as a Whatsapp message!

And to help our action, Simplycards is offering a 30% reduction to the sponsors of One Day in the Life Tribes Child! (from 1.50 € per card, shipping included!) with the code: CHILD

How is my sponsorship money used?

Your sponsorship   goes directly to your godson and his family.
The money is distributed monthly to the family of your godson, who signs a receipt. In the case of remote villages, to avoid transport costs, the money is returned quarterly.

To adapt to needs, the sponsorship money can finance school materials, uniforms, transport, pay for additional lessons, buy hygiene kits. This financial support also compensates for the fact that the godson goes to school instead of working. Sponsorship is thus a precious help which benefits the whole family.

What is the cost of my sponsorship?

For taxable persons, all donations are deductible up to 66% of the amount of the donation.

If you sponsor a child: € 15 / month (i.e. € 0.17 / day after tax deduction)

If you sponsor a child: € 20 / month (i.e. 0.22 / day after tax deduction)

If you sponsor a child: € 60 / month (i.e. € 0.68 / day after tax deduction)

If you sponsor a student: € 150 / month (i.e. € 1.70 / day after tax deduction)

If you sponsor a student: 270 € / month (i.e. 3.06 € / day after tax deduction)

If you collectively sponsor the children of a project: from € 20 / month (i.e. € 0.22 / day after tax deduction)

How is my donation money used?

Donations to the Un jour dans la vie Tribes Child association are pooled for the benefit of our programs and children .

The association devotes 83% of its resources to social missions in the field. The accounts are checked and validated each year by the association's accountant and an accountant, and can be consulted on our on request.

How to get a tax deduction?

Un jour dans la vie tribes Child is a recognized association of general interest. As such, it can receive, in addition to donations, donations and bequests. It can issue tax receipts to its donors. The donation is income tax deductible up to 66% of the amount of the donation.

Donations paid (financial sponsorship, skills sponsorship, debt waiver, donation on sharing products) by companies subject to corporation tax give rise to a tax reduction of 60%, up to a limit of 0 , 5% of their turnover.


Another question ?

Call us (+66) 971573575) via What'sApp, write to us (118/130 Avenue Jean Jaurès 75171 Paris Cedex 19) or (68/9 Moo4 Tambon Namuang 84140 Ko Samui - Surat Thani Thailand) or contact us via email here:

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Association Un jour dan la vie tribes Ch


Donate now, directly online through HelloAsso by clicking on the button below. HelloAsso accepts all credit cards while ensuring the confidentiality and security of your transaction.




CHECK: Send a check payable to "Association Un Jour dans la vie" to the following address:

118/130 Avenue Jean Jaurès

97171 Paris cedex 19

The importance of equity, as opposed to external funds, acquired from donors or corporate foundations, for example, guarantees Un jour dans la vie Tribes Child its independence and financial soundness.

It is these long-term commitments that allow us to plan our actions, develop our programs and therefore be more effective. We ask as a priority to give us by direct debit or direct transfer when possible, in order to simplify our management and reduce our costs.

Tax reduction:

66% of the annual amounts donated to A Day in the Life Tribes Child can be deducted from your taxes.
For example, if you give 15 euros per month, that is 180 euros per year, it actually costs you only 62 euros.
A Day in the Life Tribes Child is empowered to issue a tax receipt. It is sent to our donors in the first quarter following the year of their contribution.

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