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Association Un jour dan la vie tribes Ch

Un jour dans la vie Tribes Child is a humanist, non-denominational and apolitical association.

In this, A Day in the Life Tribes Child is committed in its actions to respect the moral teaching that results.

A Day in the Life Tribes Child is charity.
The only authority on which it depends is that provided for by its statutes.

Un jour dans la vie Tribes Child welcomes all the goodwill that respects the references designated by its founder.


A Day in the Life Tribes Child helps all children in difficulty regardless of their religious or philosophical affiliation.

Someday in the Life Tribes Child judges the best actors to deliver reliable help or develop fruitful action, people of good will.


Vision, mission and values of Day in the Life Tribes Child


Our vision

Face the suffering of children and families living in extreme poverty in Thailand A Day in the Life Child Tribes develops for over 2 years to meet their needs and recognize their dignity.

Our mission

Un jour dans la vie Tribes Child's mission is to educate, train and support children and young people, in order to enable them to improve their material living conditions and to build themselves, intellectually, emotionally and morally.

Our values

- Respect for the human person, whatever his condition, culture or religion.

- Trust

- The meeting, the exchange, the bond that is woven from person to person

- Concrete, humble action

- Long-term loyalty


Foundations of the Tribes Child Day in the Life Action

- See each child and / or grandfather who suffers as a unique person and best meet their needs

- Support a structured and personalized educational project to help each child or young person to overcome their academic, but also emotional and moral deficiencies, and allow them to develop.

- Create a personal and friendly relationship between the “godfather” and the “godson”, whom he supports financially, and accompanies throughout his schooling and his professional or university training

Our educational project "  Baan Tribes Child Center  "

- A non-elitist approach, but targeted for abandoned and stateless children, which takes into account the indigence of the child and his family, his motivation and his ability to learn

- A dual objective: to acquire knowledge and skills, but also to build your personality

- Train for a profession, so that the young people we help are able to meet their needs and those of their families, and become responsible actors who are concerned about the common good, within their community.

Our commitments in action

- Continue to do with ever more rigor the in-depth work which allows a child to grow up with dignity and to become himself a responsible person and anxious to develop around him a spirit of community and solidarity.

- Respond competently and with a spirit of initiative to the new needs of the children and young people with whom we work:

- Support them in a sustainable professional project up to their abilities, which will allow them to live and flourish while respecting the common good

- Stimulate and encourage the creation and development of small businesses to enrich the local economic fabric in rural areas.

Our organization

It reflects respect for the principles to which we are attached:

- The gratuity and the authenticity of the commitment of those who allow us to act concretely

- The local anchoring of the initiatives that we support, always carried and developed by local actors, committed to the service of the poorest children and young people

- The relationship of proximity and conviviality that we cultivate to animate and develop our network of donors and volunteers


Our commitments to our sponsors and donors

Respect the wishes of the sponsor or donor as to the destination of the funds he gives to A Day in the Life Tribes Child.


Inform :

- Answer questions concerning the functioning and financial transparency of the association

- Monitor the evolution and development of the programs and actions that we support

- Regularly send information about the sponsored child (letters from the sponsored child, letters to the sponsors of children and elders, etc.)

- Regularly send information about the association (magazine, annual accounts, newsletter, etc.), unless the sponsor or donor requests it not to receive it

- To discover and better understand the ways and life, the cultures of the peoples of the tribes and of Thailand / Better understand the context of life and the needs of the children we help.


To advise :

- Each godfather in his personal approach and his exchanges with his godson

- Each donor, depending on their project.

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